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Kenosha Pet Sitter Policies

Kenosha Pet Sitter has a comprehensive list of policies and procedures for new and existing customers. Follow these policies to avoid confusion and a smooth pet sitting experience.

Contact us for quality pet care services. We provide a FREE 30-minute consultation prior to all services. This helps us understand you and your pet's unique needs.

Kenosha Pet Sitter Policies

Client scheduling
  • All visits should be scheduled through Leashtime, our online scheduling program. You can access your account at www.leashtime.com. Please check our Leashtime policy page for more information about our scheduling procedures
  • All visits must be scheduled through Kenosha Pet Sitter. Visits should not be scheduled directly with sitters, as these visits will not be covered under our insurance, bonding, or worker’s compensation policies
  • New clients - to provide adequate time for sitter scheduling and the client consultation, new clients should contact Kenosha Pet Sitter at least 10 days prior to the first visit
  • Current client - for 1-time sits, we can accommodate visits on a 48-hour notice. For multiple visits and vacation sits, requests should be submitted 1 week prior to the first visit. We cannot guarantee availability for scheduling requests made with less notice
Payment policy
  • Payments for services may be made via check, made out to Kenosha Pet Sitter, PayPal - “Pay Online” page of our website, Chase Online Pay, or cash - never mailed
  • Daily and weekday clients must pay weekly by leaving a check or cash for the sitter on the last day of service for that week for clients who pay via check or cash. Clients who pay via PayPal or Chase Online Pay will be billed the following week
  • Vacation clients should leave or make payment prior to departure, or you will receive an invoice after your trip, and payment will be due within 10 days after receipt of invoice 
  • Note: Leashtime is used for scheduling and information management only. Payments and billing are all done through Intuit or QuickBooks, so please ignore payment information on Leashtime
  • Please visit our “Prices” page for the most up-to-date pricing information
Cancellation policy
  • Daily clients may cancel visits through 8:00 AM on the day of the scheduled sit for no charge. Cancellations made after 8:00 AM on the day of the scheduled sit will result in regular sitting charges. Cancellations before the day of service should be made via Leashtime. For cancellations on the day of service, clients should text both the sitter and the office - 262-492-7949
  • Vacation sit - non-holiday - clients must cancel in advance of 48 hours prior to their first scheduled sit for no charge. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the first sit will result in a charge of 50% of the entire service fee
  • Vacation sit - holiday - clients must cancel in advance of 5 days prior to their first sit for the sitting period covering the holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas day, New Year’s day, and Easter - for no charge. Cancellations for visits covering holidays made within the 5-day period will result in a charge of 50% of the entire service fee 
  • Early returns - clients will be billed for the entirety of the booked service. Early vacation returns will not be refunded, and will be billed. 
  • We realize that emergencies come up and plans change, but last minute cancellations do not leave us time to fill your sits with another client. We may have also turned down another client due to a full schedule
Client consultation
  • Kenosha Pet Sitter will provide all clients with one FREE, 30-minute consultation prior to the first pet sitting date. This consultation will include the client, the business owner, and the sitter assigned to your pets. If a sitter change is made for subsequent sitting periods, clients can request a brief meeting with the new sitter at no charge
  • Additional meetings to discuss and go over pet care will be billed at the 30-minute visit fee
Holiday surcharge and tips
  • A $5 fee will be added to all visits on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve day, New Year’s Day, and Easter. A $10 fee will be added to all visits on Christmas Day. This entire surcharge goes directly to the pet sitter as a way to thank them for their service during the holiday
  • All tips and gratuities go directly to the pet sitter
Key copies
  • Kenosha Pet Sitter requires two key copies for all daily pet-sitting clients, provided to us at the initial consultation. One copy will be kept by the sitter, and the other copy will be locked in the home office for use as a backup. Although we try to have the same sitter at all visits, emergencies do arise, and we need to have a key on file in the office for backup situations. If you cannot provide us two copies of keys, we will get an additional copy made and you will be charged $2.50. Exceptions to this policy are for clients with keys in lock boxes, the sitter will then have the lock box code and we do not require any keys, or clients with a garage or door code. In this case, one key copy is required in case of a power outage or a door code not working. This copy will be locked in the office 
  • For vacation sits, Kenosha Pet Sitter must be provided with one working key, even if the sitter has access to a garage or door code, at the initial consultation. At the conclusion of the sit, your key will be kept locked in our office, or returned at your request. We will provide one free key pickup, at the consultation, and one free key return, after your first pet sit. After that, clients who choose not to keep a key on file in the office will incur a $10 key pickup and return fee for each key exchange
  • We will not lock keys in your house after our final visit. If you get delayed in returning home, we will have no way to access your house to care for your pet 
  • All clients’ keys are labeled with pet names only. Your name and address will never be attached to your key
Visit policies
  • All pets must be visited at least once every 48 hours. Dogs must be visited a minimum of 2 times per day for short sitting periods, and a minimum of 3 times per day for sits longer than 3 full days. Our minimum visit time is 30 minutes, except in the case of clients using our Puppy Check service, only for puppies younger than 6 months old. Kenosha Pet Sitter reserves the right to request longer or more frequent visit times if we feel we're not able to provide appropriate care to all the pets in the time allowed
  • If another party is involved in the care of your pets while you're away, Kenosha Pet Sitter assumes no responsibilities of damage or negligence caused by other parties
  • Due to pet illness or injury, traffic, weather, etc., a specific visit time CANNOT be guaranteed for your pets’ visits. We will visit your pets within the two-hour time window indicated on our scheduling program. Pets requiring special medical attention, time-sensitive medication dosage, puppies, and senior pets will be given the priority, as a more exact and consistent timeframe is needed for these pets
  • Kenosha Pet Sitter will always have the best interest of your pet in mind. In case of extremely hot, cold, or inclement weather, the pet sitter will make the final decision regarding walks and outside time. If the sitter feels the inside temperature is ill-suited for your pet, we will make the necessary heating or AC adjustments and notify you 
  • Our pet liability policy requires that all pets must be on the leash when outside of the home and not in a physically fenced yard. If your dog uses an E-collar or underground electric fence system, you will be required to sign our “off leash” waiver
  • Kenosha Pet Sitter is not responsible for typical pet damage. Please do all you can to pet-proof your home prior to our visits. We will do our best to clean up any pet messes, but cannot guarantee that stains or damage will not remain. Please leave your cleaner of choice under your kitchen sink 
  • Kenosha Pet Sitter reserves the right to require a test visit prior to extending daily or vacation visits. If we're concerned about a behavioral issue or medicating a pet, we like to find out if there will be an issue prior to the client being away for an extended period of time
Pet photos
  • We use photos and videos of our clients’ pets for promotional use on flyers, Facebook, our website, and at events. If you do not want photographs of your pets used for these purposes, please indicate that on your service contract. We will never photograph identifying information of you or your home
Security cameras
  • Security cameras and nanny cams cannot be used in bathrooms or locations where a pet sitter will be sleeping for an overnight stay. Footage from these cameras is for your security purposes only, and cannot be published or made public in any way
Temperament and vaccination
  • Kenosha Pet Sitter must be made aware of any pet aggression issues at the initial consultation. Our trained staff has the experience working with many types of pet issues, but we must be made aware of those issues. Kenosha Pet Sitter reserves the right to refuse service based on temperament and interaction 
  • All pets must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccination. If there is a medical reason as to why the pet has not been vaccinated for rabies, a note from your veterinarian must be provided at the consultation
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